Feb 16, 2016


Hello guys~~
finally after 2392737 years, I come back to this blog huh?

there is a famous phrase,

Gamers don't die, they respawn ~

So once again, I'm back bitches ♥♥

Feb 14, 2015

A Letter to My Dreamed Wife, My Personal Chef, My Walking Moviepedia, My Seaweed Brain and My Best Human Ever, Seo Kihoon

Dear, Kihoon-ah
I miss you....

We met by accident in random chat application. At first i did not think you would be this precious for me. "Just another guy i met in internet" i thought. But now i am writing this letter while i am crying and missing you like crazy.

Where are you now?
Where do you go?
Whom you talk to?
When is the last time you thought about me?
Do you ever miss me like i miss you now?

You are younger than me, but you are the one that can understand me very well. We both had the same interest in books, movies, musics, cooking and many things. We shared every jokes from the clean ones to dirty ones. We laughed together, we shared our dreams. Future was really close when ever i talked it with you.

When i had good or bad days, i always thought "wait till Kihoon hear this". We showed each other simple things and laughed hard for it. Did you remember when you show me that Coca-Cola cup you got from McDonalds? or when you sent me pictures of cute white dog you met on your town? Did you ever remember the first time i told you that i was an alien? Or when i proposed you to be my future wife because you are great in cooking and housework? When you said you would send me a boxes full of Pepero for my birthday (and the next day you said you could not because the shipping fee was so expensive), and when i wanted to have Cake Challenge by eating a whole cake but i can not do it until now because i always have no money.

We talked everyday, and a year passed. Without me realized it you are already important person in my life. You teased me when i had a date, and you were also there when i broke up and got my heart broken. You know me better than my self. You are more than friend for me, you are my best friend, my younger brother, and in the same time you are my older brother.

People said that best friends break up is worse than lover break up. But i doubt if we even broke up. I lost you without any words. The last time we talked was on my 22nd birthday. When you wish me happy birthday and i told you that my boss and my coworkers gave me birthday cake with my name and age wrong on it. And then you teased me calling me wrong like what written in the cake.

I regret it. I feel ashamed because i did not realize it when your name disappeared from my contact list. I hate myself for being so full of myself and being busy with my new life my, new friends. Even though it was you that disappeared suddenly, It was ME that abandoned you. I am sorry for being so self centered and thought that you will always be there for me. If only i kept talking to you, even if i did not have much time, even if my phone always ran out of battery in every 2 hours, i should have talked to you more often. Maybe you would tell me that you would get a new phone, and i would ask your phone number.

But now it is too late. A month passed since i knew you are no more in my Kakao talk list. I tried everything i can, i searched your name in every search engine i know, Google, Naver, I entered any Blog, Cafe that have your name in it, i even clicked every account that have same name with yours. I put a message for you in a web that you never opened again since June 2014. I hate Koreans for having such not-creative-name at all. I hate you for not having Facebook and for acting mysterious. And I hate my self when i realized i know nothing about you.

Why don't you try to find me? i am sure it is more easy for you to find me because it is only one person named Amelita Novriani in this world. Is it only me who feel this way about us? I know you have many friends, like the Turkish one that sent you some snacks, the one who (honestly) make me jealous because you never allowed me to send something to you. I know that you have interest in Turkey more than Indonesia, and maybe you do not really think me as important person. I even hate my self for thinking that way. Or maybe now you are already in your military service? and have no time to open internet? I even hate myself more for making that excuse.

Dear Kihoon, i do not know where you are and i have no clue if you miss me or not.
But if you have those feeling... even just a little bit of it, please find me.
I miss you like crazy, really miss you and i will do anything to talk to you

Please come back.... My Seaweed Brain 

With Love,
Amei, your Neptune Alien

Jan 3, 2015


How can you deactivate your kakao talk without saying anything to me!! 

Dec 19, 2014

Late Post: Jakarta Lantern Festival 2014

Hello guys it is already the end of 2014!!!
OMG the last time i wrote is on August right? sorry for my lacks in updating the blog T^T

So after all the killing thesis things, i graduated in the end of August and now i am working. It's a new challenge for me to keep balance between my working life, social life, and my net life. But i think i manage it somehow (even tho i became a bit anti-social recently).

Anyway~ i barely have time for me and myself so last Sunday i decided to go Jakarta Lantern Festival 2014 alone. For my friends who (maybe) thought "Why Amei just went in her own and did not invite me?". Sorry guys i just.....need time for myself (even tho i was not alone in the end).

many people came~~ so crowded

Jakarta Lantern Festival 2014 was held in Taman Lapangan Banteng, Central Jakarta. It was my first time went there and i was all alone so i kinda worried if i would get lost. But but Thanks God i arrived there safely. I arrived there around 5 pm it was an hour left before the sunset.

When i arrived there it was still bright enough to turn the light on. Here are some pictures of the lantern at day time.

here was my fav place in the festival you will see how beautiful it was at night

Miniature of Jakarta's symbol : Monumen Nasional (National Monument) a. k. a MONAS

There were 12 Chinese Zodiac Lantern, and here is my Chinese Zodiac : Monkey
There was not Cat Zodiac after all T^T (If you are Furuba's fans you know what i am talking about)

a Greaaaaat Dragon!!
Could you grant my wish?

Bunny bunny~~
Kinda reminded me of Panda T^T

Trying to take a picture with dramatic angle but... well i am just an amateur lol
And because i was completely alone, all i could do was taking selfie with some lanterns! AHAHAHAHA guys it was surely a hard thing to do especially when you have kids as your rivals who also want to take a picture with the lanterns.

Pika Pika Pika Pikachuuuuu~~
i think Pikachu was in a strict diet T^T
The Minnions!
I will take a part in their new movie in Summer 2015 stay tune lol. Just kidding

a selfie with Shinchaaaan!! woow it was very hard to get this picture
After a long wait, finally It was time for sunset and it started getting dark. The atmosphere changed very slowly until it was dark enough for the lanterns to shine brightly

It was getting dark and more people came
another selfie lol, kinda proud cause i could take this picture on my own

So it was getting dark and then i bumped into my friend, Yaya and her boyfriend, Aditya. And i follow them around like i was a stray cat lol. I did got lost twice there and fortunately i can still found (or be found by) them. Ahahahah the lanterns were very beautiful indeed.

feels like it was in another world

it was prettier in the night right?

My fav ones!! pandaaaaaaas~~

the Great Dragon now is Greater!

Lake and Graden view~~ it was sooooo beautiful

colorful lanterns :3

The good thing from meeting Yaya (and Aditya) there was i did not need to take selfie again!! LOL sorry guys but i was really glad to meet you there.

with Yaya~~ sorry for my ugly face lolol
another picture with Yaya in front of Thaj Mahal Miniature
too many  people, too much photo bomb -__-

my fav picture!!! picture taken by Yaya hihihi
Actually there are more pictures in Aditya's camera but i still havent gotten it yet. Anyway it was a great event, actually i was a little disappointed because i expected more lanterns and bigger venue but well it was not bad. See you in 2015 and Happy New Year!!!

Aug 27, 2014

Gelar Jepang UI 2014 and Touch Indonesia - Reunion Mini Gath

Hello guys!
I am always back  whenever i have something to write and here i am! Do you miss me? ahahaha Here i will post about another Japanese Event i went to. Gelar Jepang is an annual event that held by Japanese Studies Students in my University. This year was the 20th year of the event (cmiiw). I have been coming to Gelar Jepang since i was in middle school.

Since last year the final day of the event was held at Boulevard Universitas Indonesia. But i did not know how it was until last Sunday. I did not go to the final day for two years in a row because i was not in Jakarta that time (if you remember, i went Subang in 2012 and to Thailand in 2013). But this year i could go! yeaaah finally!! This year i went to first day and the final day~ here is my another adventure!

Day 1
The first day of Gelar Jepang was held in Pusat Studi Jepang (Japanese Studies Center) of Faculty of Humanities. I went there with Wate, Ara and Imam. Actually nothing we could do, because we did not bring much money so.... we just had food hunting!

I really wanted to eat okonomiyaki! actually i did not know if i should buy octopus okonomiyaki or crab one. I thought so hard in front of the stand until i decided to buy the octopus one. BUUUUUT ok, the lady mistook the octopus one with the beef one, so.... she gave me the beef one... (and i realized it like after i finished half of it) what i learned that that...do not think over too much between two decision or you will lose both of them sigh.. and now i still want the octopus one!

My it-should-be-octopus-but-it-was-beef-okonomiyaki

Wate's crab okonomiyaki.... looks more delicious than mine ㅜㅜ

Actually Wate also bought 2 boxes of takoyaki! 2 BOXES!!! She bought 2 boxes of takoyaki and also bought okonomiyaki, in the end she could not finish all of the ahahahah. Ara really wanted to eat Mie Cool Jelly that day, and thanks to Imam, he bought it for us (i love you, Mam) ahahhaha.
Mie Cool Jelly, just shaped jelly in flavored syrup
Amei, Wate, Ara, Imam
(sorry for bad quality ahahahhaha)

The Final Day
Actually i planned to go there with Ara and Wate, but Wate could not make it and some how it ended up to be a Mini Gathering of Reunion Guild of Touch Indonesia. Recently i am into dance simulation game online called Touch Indonesia. I had always been wanting to play Audition but it was really pain in ass to download all the patches. Touch is a web-based game so you dont need to download any patch. If you interest you can visit here. My nickname is Aki, you can send me message if you want. 

Ara and I play this game and we are in the same community (guild). Fortunately our guild leader also lives near our University. So we asked him to come along. After a long chit-chat we agreed to meet with Glen (Guild Leader) and Dela (and Steffi, her cousin) at the event! After a loooong day (like 30meter ++ ticket line, a hot day, no signal, and our phone all died) we managed to meet.... Thanks God

Soo many people!! not as crowded as Ennichisai tho

Amei, Glen, Ara
A cool Kamen Raider Cosplayer!!
dunno which Raider it was, but he was cool lolol

My love since high school lolol Ichigo Kurosaki in hollow mode!
I could not see the cosplayer face but he has beautiful eyes :p
Finally we managed to meet Dela!
Dela, Ara, Amei, Glen

what every kids dreams of
Digimon and Pokemon! 

A scary Menos Grande that ended up me know that it was my high school friend lol

we steal Kirito's blades lololol
The Guardian of The Guild :p

A Legendary picture for Glen
a photo with Yuno Gasai of Mirai Nikki

As soon as i saw this Gundam
"I wanna take a picture with him!"

I am glad that it was not awkward at all even tho it was the first time we met
Dela, Amei, Ara, Steffi, Glen

Light Stick Flash Mob when the Guest Star Yun*chi was performing

My fav picture~
Amei and Ara with Hanabi as the background

Feels like a romantic summer nigh festival in Japan lolol
A scandal picture :p
It was really a good day!! Thanks for spending a great day with me!
I hope next time we can make another gathering with everybody!
Stay awesome guys! 

Aug 21, 2014

Movie Time: 「명량」 RoaringCurrents Pre-screening

Hello guys! see me again! finally~ after a long time ahahahhaha
Today i will tell you about a Korean Movie 「명량」(Myeongnang) which is now released in Korea and hits first place in Korean Box Office! This Movie's title in English is "Roaring Currents" or "The Admiral" (at first i knew it as "The Admiral", but when i came to the cinema, it seems that they changed the title to "Roaring Currents").

It is a really new movie, and good news for Korean Movie Lovers in Indonesia this movie will be playing in Blitz Megaplex Cinema on August 27th. It is not a promotion post. What i want to tell you, I was so lucky because invitation to "Roaring Currents" Pre-screening (Thanks To Lollita).  So yesterday there was a pre-screening of this movie in Blitz Megaplex, Pacific Place, Jakarta only for 50 lucky people from Korean Culture Center Indonesia.

i'm glad we managed to take this picture before there were a lot of people
souvenir lol (fan?) and tickets
-sorry for blurred pictures and bad lighting-

The tickets~ awww sooo happy
This movie is about a war between Korea and Japan in Joseon Dynasty. The Protagonist of this movie is the famous Admiral Yi Sun-shin. The main story is about how Admiral Yi Sun-shin led his men fighting against 330 Japan ships only  with 12 ships. This movie told us many things about leadership, nationality, loyalty, sacrifice, etc. Anyway i wont give you any spoiler (i never make spoiler) ahahhaha.

My review about this movie is........................... great movie but not my style!

This movie is based from Korean history and did happened  in the past time so for people who like history, especially Korean history, this movie is very recommended. The actor and the effect is great! don't watch this movie to see handsome guys (like usually what Korean Movie has) because this movie is full of old men (well, there's a few handsome man like Admiral Yu Sun-shin's son (i forget his name), Su-bong, and Japanese assassin -Haru played by handsome Noh Min-woo but no others than them). This movie used 2 languages (Japanese and Korean)!! ahahahha okey  its actually common things but it become wow because actors that play Japanese army is actually Korean. This movie is full of touching scene! (I cried a few time while watching it). But the minus is........................it's not my style. Too much blood and sadist things (well, it is a war movie..) So i recommend this movie for you, if only you are not like me and can handle blood things.

My dearest Date-mate! Lollita!  

Anyways yesterday was my last date with Lollita before she leave to Korea this weekend for her study. Hiks i will lose my date-mate and starting next week, i will watch movie alone (not again). Maybe i should open recruitment for a new date-mate? if you interest please send an email to ameeii@naver.com! ahahha just kidding! anyways i hope Lollita will also spend a great time in Korea! i will send you postcard also :p.

Thats my post for today! see you next time guys!